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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Greyhawk... from the ashes

Having tried to get this game up and running for some time, I think things are actually going to work this time around. Here's what I'll be using for our old-school Greyhawk game:
Now that the foundation is in place I'd like to flesh out the player characters, giving background information for each character, and go into detail about their current home... Hookhill in the Gran March region of Greyhawk.

For now Hookhill and its surrounding towns, as well as the The Dim Forest, Rushmoors and Lortmil Mountains, will be the focal point of the campaign. I'm looking forward to working on this and, with your input, making this campaign memorable (in a good way)... ;)

All of you (Adam, Frank, Mike & Steve) are welcome to post your own game blogs or just comment on my blog. Either way, I'd like to get your ideas as to the types of adventures (or specific adventures) you'd like to play, comments on the game system (what works, what rocks and what sucks), and thoughts on the campaign and/or your character/group once the game is up and running.


  1. No commenting unless you ACTUALLY play in the game! Brat!

  2. I'm not happy unless my character sheet is covered with powdered cheese and stained with orange Fanta!

  3. One guy in my group used to use my character sheet as a napkin because he knew it drove me nuts!

    I'd come back to the table, only to find my character sheet smeared with Dorito cheese or pizza grease.... the bastard!